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    Our Services

    For over two decades, PCM Services has earned a reputation for helping property managers with their commercial renovation, repair, and maintenance needs in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. There are many companies that serve commercial property managers and owners—but none are quite like PCM Services. One call does it all!

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    We offer a range of asphalt services that keep your property safe and looking great. Our Services include: Patching | Paving | Crack Filling | Profile Milling | Seal Coat | Speed Bumps | Line Striping

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    Asphalt FAQs

    What asphalt services does PCM offer?
    Our services include: patching, paving, crack filling, profile milling, sealcoating, speed bumps and line striping.
    Who will conduct the asphalt services?
    Our highly experienced paving services professionals will perform all of the work themselves. You will always receive consistent, quality work.
    When can this work be scheduled?
    Much of our work is performed overnight for our commercial and business client base and during the day for our group residential clients. We will work with your needs and requirements when scheduling work to be performed.
    If I want a larger asphalt project completed, for example a parking lot, how are these teams bridged?
    Our asphalt team works regularly with our concrete production and pavement marking teams to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for completed projects.
    Do you do portfolio bids for multiple properties that have asphalt repair needs? What kind of value might there be if so?
    Yes we do this for many of our customers and it provides a very good value for them (discount). We are happy to walk all of your properties and assess each property’s needs and cost, and then apply a discount if all of the work is done across the portfolio.


    We offer cost-effective quality concrete repair, replacement, and installation services to make us your “go-to” concrete solutions provider. Our Services include:
    Sidewalks, to include Exposed Aggregate Sidewalks | Curb and Gutter | Steps, Landings, and Railings | Pads, Ramps, Aprons, and Entrances | Loading Docks | Walls and Retaining Walls | Bollards, Columns, and Beams | Trench Drains, Storm Drains and Lids, Inlets

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    Concrete FAQs

    What concrete services does PCM provide?
    We replace, repair, and install the following: sidewalks (including exposed aggregate), curb and gutter, dumpster pads, bollards, loading docks, light pole bases, steps, aprons, concrete drain collars, storm drain lids, ADA compliance ramps and concrete pads. In addition we offer services such as stamped concrete, sidewalk caulking, Ardex surface application and handrail installation.
    How do I manage all the different types of repairs on my properties?
    Our concrete production team works regularly with our asphalt and pavement marking teams to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for a complete parking lot, loading dock, facility entrance and sidewalks, and parking garage projects.


    We offer a range of Construction services that keep your property safe — and looking great. Our Services include: Tenant Build Out | Handyman Services | Common Area Upgrades | Retail Construction | Emergency Construction Services

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    Construction FAQs

    What construction services do you offer?
    Whether your property needs to white box a space for lease, or improve common areas, our team of professionals are experts at their craft, and we have the capabilities and experience to meet the construction needs of projects from small to large.
    What is it like to work with your construction division?
    With over 20 years of experience managing every facet of commercial construction, PCM can also provide valuable guidance and insight on how to maximize the use of existing spaces. When you have a vision, we use deep research and practical, hands-on expertise to turn it into a reality.
    What types of clients do you work with?
    Our clients include commercial retail and office, schools, universities, apartments and HOAs, hospitals and medical suites, and corporate and government clients.


    Keep your property well connected with PCM Electrical Services. Our Services include: Electrical Service Calls | Bucket Truck Calls/Work | Night Inspections | Emergency Electrical Services | Preventative Maintenance & Testing | Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

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    Electric FAQs

    What electrical services does PCM generally offer?
    We offer both interior and exterior electrical services at commercial properties, apartment complexes, hospitals, etc. We perform jobs that are large and small in scale.
    Does PCM offer emergency electrical services?
    Response time is critical in an emergency. We offer 24/7 on-call response to emergencies so your tenants experience minimal electrical interruptions.
    What types of electrical projects does PCM complete?
    We complete a range of electrical projects such as: lighting retrofits, pole light installation, underground wiring repair, and switchgear and panel replacement.
    What does installing electric vehicle charging stations include?
    PCM Services can provide a complete solution to installing an EV Charging Station which can include all electrical work, asphalt and/or concrete replacement, protective bollards, signage, line stripping and brand stenciling of the parking spaces.
    How do I know if my property is equipped for an electric vehicle charging station?
    All new charging station installations should have a load analysis performed on the facility’s electrical demand to determine if there is capacity to add EV charging stations. This is service that PCM Electric can provide prior to making the investment of purchasing an EV charging station.
    How far away can an EV charging station be from the electrical panel?
    A longer distance between the electrical panel and the EV charging station means higher installation costs because it increases the amount of necessary trenching (and repair), conduit, and wire. It is desirable to minimize the distance between the electrical panel and EV charging station as much as possible while also considering the location of the charging station on the property.
    Where is the best place to put an EV charging station?
    Consider the impact of placing the charging station at a particular location on the property. For example, placing charging station parking spaces in the back of a building might discourage their use.


    We offer a range of Exterior services that keep your property safe — and looking great. Our Services include: Masonry & Concrete Restoration | Foundation Waterproofing | Sealant Replacement | Garage Repairs | Power Washing

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    Exteriors FAQs

    What types of building exterior services does PCM provide?
    Our building exterior services include: waterproofing, caulking, sealing, masonry repair, garage repair, crack repair, concrete repair, leak investigation, and power washing.
    What specific waterproofing restorations services does PCM offer?
    Our waterproof restoration services include: caulk and sealant removal and replacement, tee flange crack repair, crack injection, crack banding with urethane coating, expansion and masonry joint replacement or installation, surface sealer, elastomeric pedestrian/traffic coating, wall coating, thru-wall flashing, waterproof material applications, surface drain installation, masonry sealing, wet glaze, window caulking and sidewalk caulking.
    What specific masonry repair services does PCM Offer?
    Our masonry repair services include: tuckpointing, brick and paver resetting/replacement/installation, precast panel repair, edge spall repair, beam or column repair, coping stone resetting, retaining wall reconstruction, and concrete patching.
    What specific garage repair services does PCM offer?
    Our garage services include: partial or full depth spall repair, soffit, bream/column/weld plate repair, tee-to-tee joint sealant, tee flange crack repair, crack injection, crack banding with urethane coating, expansion joint replacement or installation, surface sealer with power washing or shot blasting, elastomeric pedestrian/traffic coating application, garage power washing and graffiti removal, pavement marking, stencils, curb or parking stops, bollard repair or replacement, garage, stairwell, and elevator painting, signage, electric/lighting and interior renovations.
    What specific power washing services does PCM offer?
    Our power washing services include: building facades, garage interior and exterior, pipes and fencing, asphalt parking lots, concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters, pads, and retaining walls and masonry.


    PCM’s commercial landscaping services offer comprehensive solutions to maintain the beauty of your environment from season to season.. Our Services include: Grounds Maintenance | Enhancements | Irrigation Maintenance | Hardscapes

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    Landscape FAQs

    Does PCM offer both scheduled and emergency landscaping services?
    Yes! Our team will service your property on a scheduled, interval basis, and we also offer 24/7 response in the event of an emergency.
    What landscape enhancement services do you offer?
    Our landscape enhancement services include: plantings (trees, shrubs), hardscapes, irrigation installation, irrigation maintenance, landscape lighting, and drainage system installation.
    What landscape management services do you offer?
    Our landscape management services include: mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, fertilization, insect control, disease control, and weed control.

    Line Striping

    PCM Services can upgrade the look of your parking lots and provide your clients, tenants, residents and visitors with clear traffic and parking direction, flow and organization. Our Services include: Line Striping | Curb Painting | Signage | Removal, replacement, installation or Re-pinning of Stop/ Parking Blocks

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    Line Striping FAQs

    How are the lay outs determined?
    Custom layout and installation per site plan specifications or existing specifications to include parking stalls, curb painting, ADA Compliance, County Compliant Seal Coating Mixture Compliance, stencils, hash marks, crosswalks, handicap, bollards, stop or parking blocks, fire lanes, road line, parking blocks, speed bumps and directional arrows.
    How is the work scheduled?
    PCM Services schedules our pavement marking work with the needs of your clients, tenants, and residents in mind. Much of our work is performed overnight for our commercial and business client base and during the day for our group residential clients.


    PCM delivers full-spectrum commercial painting services that add significant value to every area of your property. Our Services include: Surface Prep and Painting | Wall Coverings | Wood Treatments | Drywall | Textured Coating Systems | Specialty Finishes | Flooring | Garage Painting and Sealing

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    Painting FAQs

    Do I need to shut down my business or close the project area for paint jobs?
    No! We have significant experience on projects of all sizes, and are known for working around in-place tenants with minimal disruptions. Carry on as normal and we will paint around you.
    Are you able to provide guidance?
    We provide expert guidance on the latest painting techniques and trends including: materials and finishes, design options and schemes, and color choices to help you make the best decision for your project.

    Snow Removal

    We offer dependable and effective snow and ice management services that keep your property safe and give you peace of mind. Our Services include: Plowing | Salting | Shoveling | Snow Hauling

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    Snow Removal FAQs

    Where do you do snow removal?
    We have over a decade of experience servicing commercial properties across the DC and Baltimore Region. Our prime service area includes Montgomery, Howard, and Baltimore Counties.
    What do I need to expect when there is going to be a snow event?
    We provide a detailed plan in advance. You can expect a high level of communication pre and post event.
    What snow removal services do you offer?
    We provide salting and pre-treatment. We will plow and shovel your property. We will use heavy equipment, if necessary. We offer annual contracts if you are interested.