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    PCM Electric - EV Station Installation

    Gather your team members for a “Lunch and Learn” to find out how PCM Electric can help you install EV Charging Stations on your property.

    PCM Total Solution
    EVSE Planning
    EV Charger Installation
    EVs in the DMV

    We have extensive expertise and tenure across all our service lines. As we look to the EVSE space, we not only offer our customers our expertise in electric services to determine if your current electric service has the capacity for EVSE units. We will assist in the design (if upgrades are needed) and complete the installation of any required electrical components or upgrades.

    Additionally, we can install Bollard protection, concrete slabs, and curbs to protect your investment. , We can also provide pavement marking, branding, and signage of the EVSE space through our Parking Lot services division.

    We will leverage our multiple vendors and agnostic relationships in the EVSE space to help you choose the EVSE unit that fits your needs.

    Step 1 – How many EVSEs do you need for your locations?

    • Plan for the future. In some cases, the rebate dollars can pay for additional EVSEs.

    • ROI calculators

    Step 2 – What level of charging units do you want to install?

    Step 3 – Electric service needed to determine available power.

    Step 4 – If an upgrade to the power supply is needed, we will need to involve the local utility company and design the new service requirements for approval and permitting. This step could be a lengthy process of getting permit approvals and install dates from the local utility company.

    Step 5 – Determine EVSE unit locations – this is an important step as it could drive the cost of the installation up or down. The brand of EVSE you choose will also need to be evaluated during this step as their networking, and cellular service requirements differ.

    Step 6 – Determine which federal, state, and local rebates your site is eligible for and are still available.  PCM Services can assist you in filling out the paperwork and submitting it on your behalf.

    Step 7 – Determine charging rates to evaluate ROIs

    Step 8 – Set an installation date

    Installation varies from simple to complex, and regardless of your situation, PCM will be capable of handling all aspects of the installation. For some customers, it may be simple to install a new two-pole circuit breaker, wiring, and the EV charger. For other customers, installation can get more complex; these customers may need to upgrade service, install a new load center and conduit through walls, factor in long wiring distances, and perform transformer upgrades.

    PCM Services will assist you through the planning stage and recommend the most cost-effective solution when determining the ideal EV Charger location.

    All EVSE units must be installed in accordance with the NEC codes.

    Federal, state, and utility incentive programs are available for rebates and tax credits specifically for purchasing and installing EV charging equipment. Program eligibility and availability are constantly changing. PCM Services will assist in providing you with the most up-to-date information on program status, paperwork requirements, and the filing process.

    Electric vehicle ownership is accelerating at a fast pace. According to the Washington Post, registration in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland has risen about 65-fold in the past decade. The federal $7,500 EV credit is also expected to increase the number of purchases.

    EV Drivers in the DMV – 2022




    Property Managers In The DC Metro are benefiting from PCM Electric’s EV Charging Station Solutions.

    Attract & Retain Tenants

    Providing EV charging facilities is an attractive amenity for tenants who own electric vehicles, as it allows them to conveniently charge their vehicles.

    Increased Property Value

    Properties with EV charging facilities are becoming more desirable as electric vehicles become more common. This can increase the property’s overall value and make it more attractive to potential buyers or investors.

    Additional Stream of Revenue

    Property managers can charge for using the EV station, generating an additional revenue stream for the property.

    Eco-Friendly Image

    Installing an EV station on the property demonstrates the property manager’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. This can improve the property’s overall image and reputation.